Monday, November 24, 2008

The Hamptons, Meet RRL

If you read Elle Decor, you may be familiar with a shortlist each issue, where they ask some design-savvy individual the "12 things he/she can't live without." Well, the December issue of Elle Decor features John Derian, a New York artist turned designer, who converted an East Village shop into a showcase for his eclectic creations. His expanding business includes a textiles annex and soon-to-be opened antique-and vintage- furniture showroom in Manhattan, as well as a summer outpost in Provincetown, Massachusetts. You may have also seen his name on a capsule collection for Target and a line of upholstered seating. In other words, this man has it going on. His taste is relatively impeccable. If you are wondering what the hell this has to do with anything, I just thought I would fill you in on the rabbit trail I followed to arrive at this post.

So here it is... in the fashion of flawless taste, Derian lists RRL clothing by Ralph Lauren as his #3 in the shortlist of 12. The following photos are of the relatively new RRL in East Hampton. Even though I wouldn't consider myself a huge fan of Ralph Lauren, RRL is undeniable. I think I am drawn to this line because it is demonstrative of the real Ralph Lauren; Ralph Lauren the man, an icon of american fashion, not Ralph Lauren, a label on an irregular polo at TJ Maxx. As you can see by the fabulous photos, this is less prep and more americana, which suits me just fine. Anyway... I dare you not to drool. The exterior is enough for me, let alone the brilliant interior. Simply beautiful. -ian

All images by Brian Berman, courtesy of A Continuous Lean.

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