Monday, November 03, 2008

Saving Your Pennies?

Economic crisis got you saving your pennies? Well, if are willing to ignore the notion that spending money on something to help you save money is counter-productive, then check out these SUPER CUTE options from Our Children's Gorilla. Choose between "IL BUONO" and "IL CATTIVO," artisan-interpreted classic western characters, meaning "Good" & "Bad." These are two of many items on this site that has me eager for children on which to spend money despite the economic slump. See for yourself. Or, if you want, I suggest sticking with the piggy bank and putting the money you would have spent inside it. -ian

Acne A/W '08 Fashion Show

I thought it would only be right to give you a look into one of my very favorites in fashion (and further confirmation that I LOVE Sweden): ACNE. Above is the A/W '08 Collection in two parts. Take a moment to admire the simplicity and detail in every garment. They are the kind of company that makes me want to blow my entire fashion budget for a season on one outfit. I wouldn't mind wearing it every day. The problem is... what would I wear when I have to take it to the cleaners? -ian