Friday, June 13, 2008

Brian Militana

I am taking this opportunity to introduce you to my friend Brian Militana. If you couldn't already tell from his work pictured above, he is nothing short of genius. After graduating with a BA in Philosophy, he is going on to pursue his Masters in Architecture at Harvard's Graduate School of Design. He also makes absolutely beautiful music. Hear it for yourself here. Artwork NFS. -ian

Thank You Mr. Warhol

This image is so inspiring to me. Not only is this one of my favorite records of all time, but this particular worn copy could easily be in an art museum. I could look at it forever. -ian

Decorating With Twin Beds

Image from Domino

Love at first sight! Dann and I are absolutely obsessed with this room in Domino this month. It is symmetry at its most stunning and sophisticated. Dann is actually trying to figure out how to repaint his guest room this gorgeous color before his guests arrive this weekend. The best part is, he just finished painting it another color. Paint by Pratt & Lambert, "Lost Oasis" #21-4. -ian

Thursday, June 12, 2008

The Perfect Dining Group

This is our dining group of the moment. I just put this Halo chandelier from Roost in my dining room and swear it is stopping traffic in front of my house when it's on at night. The De La Tour chairs from Urban Outfitters would probably mix with any table you put them with, but we would love to see them mixed with the Strut dining table from Blu Dot. This table comes in 4 colors and for some reason we're obsessed with this olive color. -dann

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's All About The Accessories

Images from Rogues Gallery

Men love their accessories too, which is why we love Rogues Gallery. They do this New England Gothic thing that we are really into right now. Although Rogues make it very difficult to choose, their marine bags and jewelry are especially drool-worthy this summer season. (Of note, the bags are handmade in Portland, Maine from vintage sail cloth. Very cool.) Do yourself a favor and check out their lookbook for spring here. A very limited selection of their bags and nautical themed jewelry is available locally at Posh Boutique, 1809 21st Ave. S. or here. -ian