Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Adventures in a Rental House

So earlier this spring I moved into a new rental house. Lucky for me I could paint the walls, but as a self-proclaimed maximalist, there were a few things I couldn't put up with. My first life-saving find was this amazing rug from FLOR. This carpet tile can easily be "installed" wall to wall by cutting with a scissors and sticking together with tape. Even better, you can move it with you and use it again. It can also be cleaned easily by removing just one tile and spraying it off with a garden hose! After pretending to ignore the bare lightbulbs hanging from a white construction receptacle in my bedrooms, I stumbled across these clip on drum shades from Pottery Barn. These shades simply pop on to a bare lightbulb. Total upgrade!!! Lastly, the carpet on my stairs looks like it might have been ready to be replaced in the 70's. My solution was this inexpensive runner from Dash & Albert. Since they come in 12 foot sections, I ordered two and stapled them over my carpet. Suddenly my place is feeling a lot less beige! -dann

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